Clean Water

Clean water for El Salvador.  {View more of this series}


Cooking at Silver Fir Campground

If you want really good food camping, take my parents with you. Or hire them to cater your trip. Aebelskivers — Danish pancakes (really more like a little doughnut, a sphere of sugary, fluffy goodness — see pan featured in this sketch). French toast with homemade rasberry sauce, fresh blueberries and hot maple syrup (syrup heated up in this cute little Lodge cast iron butter warmer as seen in sketch). Homemade pineapple, raspberry, grapefruit, lemon and lime juices. Falafel fried in a cast iron pot over a beach fire. Best-ever Reubens. My mom working her food magic — cooking over the 35 year old Coleman stove we used when my sister and I were kids. Oh, and don't forget your watercolors and sketchbook.



Painting at Dubsea

A sketch from a little watercolor session at Dubsea Coffee — one of my favorite places to be creative.




Neon Pink

Ever since I painted these rocks with some kids' Crayola neon pink paint a couple months ago, I have been dying to do something else with this color. The highlighters I got a month ago didn't quite cut it. The Berol Prismacolor pencil I got yesteredy is perfect! Also, I have had this color palette floating around in my head for about a month— inspired by a weekend of shopping with some girlfriends in Portland. The tan sketchpad — love. Made myself NOT use a black pen — stuck with the pencil for a lighter touch. I always wanted to be a fashion ilustrator. :)


Flower for Mama

Watercolor for a greeting card set for Mama's birthday.


For my little Valentines

That cool tape from Target has really come in handy! :) Happy Valentine's Day!


Watercolors from El Salvador

It's been a week and a half since I returned from an amazing well drilling trip to a small village in El Salvador. I splurged on a nice sketch pad and brought my travel watercolors (same set I brought to India in 1999!). Some of my favorite moments (besides seeing that clean water shoot up from the ground, of course!) included time sketching with kids gathered around me and nights painting at the team house. Here's The Clinic where we did hygiene training with the women and kids (and piñata making as the painting shows…also, notice one of the old wells on the right — too shallow for access to clean water), the new well with plaque text, a little house I saw from the road and bits from around the yard at the team house.



Purple girl


I used to want to be a fashion designer. I ALWAYS used to draw girls. I love creating patterns. I loved that bright plum paper I saw at Daniel Smith the other day. I never use purple. Something HM would like. I discovered again my old tube of process magenta gouache. Perfect. Who knew the combo of that sheet of paper, these adorable little notecard dolls and my new pink-patterned coffee cup would be so inspiring — and give me something to frame for HM's room…and to use for my coffee mug?!


Dubsea Coffee gift cards featuring my artwork!

What a great way to start my morning! Going into my favorite coffee shop, Dubsea Coffee, and finding out their new gift cards displaying my artwork have arrived! They were so sweet to give me a loaded card AND a credit on the back! I always thought it would be cool to do a gift card art. The original {see blog post}, framed artwork on this gift card is displayed at Dubsea behind the bar — a gift to the owners after my art show last summer.


My Japanese watercolors

My Japanese watercolors Michael got for me years ago as a Christmas present. When you don't know what else to paint — paint your paints! :)


Flowers from Papa

Papa spent the night Tuesday night. He went on a run in the morning and brought me back this little bouquet. Sweet.


Bright {watercolor + Sharpies + black pen}

Just for fun. Maybe I will use it for a card set.


Sarah’s poinsettia

Guess some of those doodles from the last post helped me out on this one. A late night sketch from Sarah’s last Saturday night — after all the Christmas treats were baked, Mama had gone home and all the kids were finally asleep.


Coffe cup doodles

Doodling during Mom's
group this morning.


West Seattle Xtreme Makeover : Gingerbread Edition

I can’t decide if this should go in design, illustration or sketch — so I'll just post it here!
Fun holiday event with proceeds going to help drill a well in El Salvador.


Birthday morning :: Greenbridge birds :: View from Dubsea Coffee

I was only going to sit down for a few minutes. My birthday treat to myself — do nothing for 15 minutes at Dubsea Coffee. Then I wanted to sketch something. I got a napkin and thin wood stir stick to draw on, then discovered a blank postcard back in my purse. Perfect size. I had no idea what I was going to draw, then I saw those dark repeating shapes up on the wires across the street. Perfect subject. I wanted the emphasis to be the birds. I hope I didn't ruin it with the bits of color in the foreground. I couldn't help getting some fall colors to contrast with the gray rainy sky.


Fall with Stumptown Coffee

I hadn't meant for this sketch to look just like the last one. Just trying to get back into it.
The only reasons for this one:

  • I love drawing and using white colored pencil on kraft paper.
  • I love Stumptown Coffee, especially when I buy it from Dubsea Coffee.
  • I love taking a break from the giant bag of cheaper Costco coffee.
  • It reminded me of drawing on a Stumptown bag in the car on the way to Bellingham. I bought some for my parents for a thank you gift on the way out of town. I didn't have a card, so I doodled all over the bag instead. I didn't document that one (and there was no color), but this gives the general idea.
  • Nice way to repurpose this used bag.
  • I would love to do more illustrations and design for food packaging.
  • I love orange.

Tea + chocolate with Sarah & Yancey

Just back from the art show at Dubsea Coffee (which was an awesome time — thank you!)...and here I am in my studio again with my Mama over my shoulder so she can get a print of this one!

Sketched this the other night at Sarah & Yancey's after all the kiddos went to bed — after a full day at the fair in Lynden. This tea and chocolate, and the company of Sarah & Yancey at their kitchen table, was the perfect way to end the day. I couldn't find a glue stick for the bits of black Sharpie-colored paper at the top and bottom, so I used some thread I found in Sarah's office.


Art opening at Dubsea Coffee! Saturday, August 20 :: 11am – 1pm

You are invited to an art opening!
Come see favorite sketches from this blog on display with framed pieces for sale!

Sketches {by Naomi Cox}
A collection from everyday life  ::  favorite Seattle spots, food, family and bright bits of nature

Family-friendly  ::  art supplies for kids to have fun creating their own drawings + paintings!

Saturday, August 20  ::  11am – 1pm
Dubsea Coffee  ::  9910 8th Ave SW  ::  Seattle
Event page on Facebook 

Art on display August 15 – September 14

Spread the word — hope to see you there!