Afternoon at Cherry Street

Stopped by to see M at work after meeting with some designer friends in the I.D. A windy walk over to Cherry Street Coffee House for a spontaneous coffee date. Thinking we should do this every Thursday since HM is with her Auntie on Thursdays. I had M put another hour in the meter on his way back to work so I could stay and do my sketch of the day. I have always loved the intricate shapes in the metal work here — in the entry way and by the bathroom door. For the first time today I noticed the shadows the shapes made on the walls, and the same shapes lightly painted — almost like a glaze, a coffee stain — on the cement floor. I don't know what happened to my brown watercolor pencil — wasn't in my little pouch. Also, I couldn't get the darks dark enough, so I just finished it in my studio with a bit of Japanese watercolors.