2 double, short, no room Americanos

Originally I was going to post a new sketch every day. I figured out soon that a more realistic goal would be to get one up weekly. Also, they were going to be quick. Spontaneous. Just whatever I saw laying around or happened upon. I was running out of things at home that I wanted to draw. Looking for things. Trying to outdo myself with composition, level of detail, new techniques. Two weeks since the guitar and had no desire to sketch. Today I was going to go to the I.D, Lincoln Park, Alki or sit in the car by all the containers piled up on West Marginal Way. Morning turned out differently — hanging out in the car at the Burien Starbucks with M while HM slept in the carseat. I went back to the original idea — quick sketches with black pen only. Doesn't have to be a masterpiece. I didn't have my sketchbook, thus the kraft bag and napkin. I can't help putting bits together digitally too.