My boots

Looking around for something to draw this morning — something other than HM's snacks and toys (and everything else strewn across the floor downstairs). I had been flipping through the pages of Kate T. Williamson's "A Year In Japan." I love poring over the details in her drawings and watercolors, coupled by her journal entries — how she captures the simple lines, colors and textures of everyday Japanese items, fashion, culture and scenes. She doesn't shade with her black lines. Instead she uses color or leaves flat outlined white shapes. I am used to using my pen to shade everything, but wanted to try something out with just the black lines, filled in with color. Used colored pencil instead of watercolors. My Onitsuka Tiger boots — whose dirt and wear I have finally accepted (I got over their initiation last season when, brand new, I wore them to help my husband put on chains in the slush and snow as HM waited in the car on the pass, then got soaked with black mud as I was welcomed by a couple dogs upon getting out of our car for the Thanksgiving family feast in Yakima).