Half-price Maruta

The minute I threw the bag of sushi on the car seat, I knew it was what I wanted to draw tonight after HM went to bed. Even though I really wanted to eat the deluxe California roll, I held off so I would have them left to draw. My brother-in-law let me in on the Maruta Market 50% off deal. Weekdays starting at 5pm, all the items of the bottom shelf of the deli case are half-price! You have to get there a few minutes before 5pm before all the sushi-lovers have emptied the case. I learned tonight there is a 5 item limit. It's perfect for Thursday nights since it's right on the way to pick up HM — between Highland Park and Beacon Hill, in Georgetown. Also, M always has meetings Thursday nights so it's just HM and me for dinner.

I thought the black & white drawing would take at least 2 hours. Only one tedious hour. I was scared I would ruin the detail with color, but really wanted to see the bright orange flying fish roe and clean greens and reds of the packages. I taped a piece of translucent paper on top and used colored pencils to complete it on a second layer. Put them together digitally.