An hour at Columbia City Bakery

I have to confess — I have not been carrying my sketchbook around with me everywhere. One of those times again where I had no inspiration, felt too busy. My little sketchbook is all filled up. That is part of the problem. I am much less likely to toss my big one in my bag. Need to get a new one.

Today, I finally gave it a try again. Perhaps the sun had something to do with it. A fresh start. A month should not have gone by with no new posts!

Normally I have HM on Fridays, but she's with her little friends today. I had an hour after dropping her off before I had to get to my swim class. Columbia City Bakery was right on the way. A double, short, extra hot latté and an apple morning bun. Yum. The bun was just what I had in mind — like the cinnamon rolls I used to get at The Little Cheerful Café in Bellingham. Flaky, not doughy. If only it had been bigger! I had to keep myself from devouring it while I sketched it. I only had a black pen and a wrinkled, used piece of paper floating around in my bag. I also used the backs of some flyers I found on their shelf. Three quick ones. Added watercolor when I got home. Gouache too since I couldn't get the watercolor intense enough. The paper was the worst for these paints. Super thin, no texture. Better than nothing though!

I will try to keep up my sketching without feeling guilty about the lulls in inspiration. Especially for those of you that check back for new stuff.