Columbia Park cherry blossoms

It seems the only time I am finding (or making) to sketch is on Friday mornings between dropping off HM and getting to the Y for my swim class. Columbia City is always right on the way. I was determined to get something done. Speed sketching. I only had about 20 minutes and needed to sit somewhere besides the bakery (did get a double, short latte to go baked items since I made waffles with strawberries this morning for breakfast) — somewhere outside. I barely recognized Columbia Park without the Farmers Market and all the people meandering — the only other time I have been there. I have really been wanting to get the cherry blossom trees down on paper. I love them — so soft, pink and fluffy. I just want to squeeze the little bunches of perfect blossoms — like they are baby cheeks or something.

I thought a pen and colored pencils would do it, but of course...I found I needed to finish with watercolor when I got home. I didn't have them with me or the time to finish at the picnic table anyway. I didn't have my Uni-ball black pen with me, so I used one from my new set — Pigma Micron 02. I can't believe it took me so long to rediscover these. A set of 6 — each with a different line width. From finest to thickest: 005, 01, 02, 03, 05, 08. Archival black ink. Great for detailed pen illustrations. For this sketch, I just used one...but they came in really handy recently for a pen illustration I had to do for another project. the pen and colored pencil sketch done in 20 minutes. Just added the watercolor back at my studio.

Finally, an outdoors sketch! Expect more as spring warms up and into summer.

On a side note...I also rediscovered Crowded House. Love every song on Recurring Dream. I never buy new music and still scrounge through my old case of CDs every now and then to find something.