HM's art gallery

Sitting at the kitchen table while my kids were napping, I was looking around for something to sketch — just an everyday object. Anything. What could be more ordinary than the fridge — which doubles at HM's art gallery? She is really into coloring lately. One of her favorite things a few weeks ago was to draw a "sky blue windshield butterfly." I have no idea what that means, but it has come up repeatedly. I wonder what goes on her little head when she's coloring one of these! She is getting better at drawing figures. I can make out the face, body, arms, legs, hands and feet. So cute! Her zigzags are "writing." Often a big letter "H" can be found on the backs of her drawings from preschool — an "H" she has drawn herself! I love to see her little art skills take shape!

I couldn't get the perspective quite right on the butcher block, but decided to keep it in anyway.