2.5 months : sleepyhead

I could never get HM to sit or stand still for long enough to sketch her (except for in the bath...see first sketch ever posted)! It's easy with a sleepy 2.5 month old!

2.5 months since my last post. E was born the next day! I knew he was coming soon…and he must have known I was finally ready. It was perfect timing. Contractions started at 11:45 am at church. Raced home. HM's auntie was over within minutes of getting home. Then off to Swedish by 2 pm. Walks with M around Capitol Hill and the hospital to speed things up. The possibility of going home then having to come back. Thank God that didn't happen! Things finally sped up…and Ezra was born at 8:17 pm, Sunday, October 26. 8 lb, 9 oz at birth. He is such a chubby little boy — already 16 lb at 2.5 months!

I had not planned that a sketch of E would follow my last post, but how fitting that it turned out that way! I was reminded that each sketch doesn't have to be a masterpiece…especially when I just have a few minutes as I'm waiting for my leftover pizza to heat up for lunch. I had to sketch quickly since E was waking up in his carseat. I never draw babies. I think I got the chub factor conveyed though. He watched me intently as I quickly threw on some color in the studio. First time he'd seen me paint. HM's old orange sweatshirt and green blanket are keeping him cozy.