Stand up tall!

Looking out my kitchen window at my neighbor's foxgloves. How quickly can I get this done while eating oatmeal, feeding Ezra and paying attention to the "land of wisdom" that Hannah Mae is drawing next to me?!

Yesterday I did the pen. I wanted to do flowers, but not have them look the same as the euphorbia. Wanted to add some text. The foxgloves were standing up so tall it made me think of this song Hannah Mae sings with her little friends at preschool "...stand up tall and we'll clap for you!" Seemed fitting. Especially since yesterday was such a day of praise. Praise for leftovers and launches. HM starting her first swim lesson last night. Blessings on Ezra at church on Sunday. Thinking about Michael's good-bye at NHM yesterday and praying he gets all the love and honor heaped upon him like he deserves. Thought this could make a good congrats card in the end. Finished this morning at breakfast with colored pencil. Colored pencil is the quickest I can do. Always seems so non-committal. 

Walk in confidence today! Stand up tall!