More green beans, please!

What mother wouldn't want to hear her daughter say, "Can I have more green beans, please?"?! 

Hannah Mae and her usual pre-bed hunger. She didn't want to eat the rest of her Throw ‘er in there Asian Noodle Salad from dinner. She wanted cereal. Out of cinnamon toast crunch. I gave her the alternative of fresh green beans from Toppenish — dropped off on our deck by my parents last night. A big bag of fresh produce from Papa's hometown, and home of my dear grandmother. She was thrilled with that option! Have as many as you want! I will always affirm your fresh green bean intake.

Oh...and an idea what to do with green beans. Check it out here.

I now have a little stack of food-related drawings piling up, so expect more. Instead of trying to think of something different every day, I'm just going to go with it and keep on the food thing for a few days. Or all week. We'll see. Thinking about those ears of corn in the fridge. That asparagus too. And I am sure I can find something in the Leftoverist's collection of recipes to go with those too! 

I really should post Hannah Mae's drawings of green beans too! And her "pink green beans." So cute. We should draw together every night before bed.