Nanami Togarashi + popcorn

Still need to get groceries. Had Zippy's (best burgers in Seattle!) for dinner, but that was at 4:30pm! Hungry at 10pm with nothing to snack on. As long as there's popcorn around it's ok. Popcorn with Nanami Togarashi — Japanese assorted chili peppers.

I have fond memories of popcorn from my childhood (sans chili peppers). Making popcorn with my sister in that beat-up, heavy pan with the bent lid that never fit quite right — spurting out bits of hot oil. Shaking it vigorously in our after-school hunger. Popcorn made in the morning by my Mama. Bagged up in our school lunches. I always think of that when I am out of a store-bought snack for Hannah Mae's lunch, and turn to my canister of kernels. 

Thought about adding a splash of bright red, but decided to keep it simple. Pen only.