G2B Homes : Generating excitement for the Sequoia House

A bit of a departure from my just-for-fun sketches. It has been way too long since I have posted a sketch. I won't lie. The only sketching I have been doing is for design projects. So, instead of waiting for the opportunity to sketch my latest snack or nature discovery, here's some real work I have been up to lately.

This innovative, energy efficient home is in the works — renovation is underway in a West Seattle neighborhood. I stopped by last Friday (a rainy day, better to post now than wait for the perfect weather) to take a pic of the newly installed sign. The second phase of the sign will feature more information on the home, photos of the interior, pricing, contact info and a G2B branded flyer.

I was thrilled to discover Island Dog Sign Company for the first time! They worked as the perfect complement to the G2B team and Spill Studio.

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