Fall with Stumptown Coffee

I hadn't meant for this sketch to look just like the last one. Just trying to get back into it.
The only reasons for this one:

  • I love drawing and using white colored pencil on kraft paper.
  • I love Stumptown Coffee, especially when I buy it from Dubsea Coffee.
  • I love taking a break from the giant bag of cheaper Costco coffee.
  • It reminded me of drawing on a Stumptown bag in the car on the way to Bellingham. I bought some for my parents for a thank you gift on the way out of town. I didn't have a card, so I doodled all over the bag instead. I didn't document that one (and there was no color), but this gives the general idea.
  • Nice way to repurpose this used bag.
  • I would love to do more illustrations and design for food packaging.
  • I love orange.