Blue hydrangeas + orange cotton {part 1}

{above — painting by Hannah Mae Cox, age 5.5}

Finally, I'm back! It's been too long! Got some inspiration from the bright blue hydrangeas in the front yard and a bit of leftover purple bits from some flowers my sweet husband brought me a couple weeks ago after work (yes, there was still a little bunch I had saved that made it into a mini arrangement when I threw the lifeless ones out a week ago!)

Hannah Mae loves painting with me. It was her idea to add water to the soft pastels — she ended up sort of finger painting with soft pastels and water {see image above}. I had never thought of that — I couldn't help trying it out myself! Ended up using gouache, acrylic (only because my yellow and white gouache had dried up), pen and soft pastel — going over parts of the soft pastel with a wet brush.

More blue hydrangea and orange cotton to come — check back this week for another sketch!

Want to see this up close? Come check out my collection of sketches from this blog at Dubsea Coffee in White Center this month! Stay tuned for more details!