Cooking at Silver Fir Campground

If you want really good food camping, take my parents with you. Or hire them to cater your trip. Aebelskivers — Danish pancakes (really more like a little doughnut, a sphere of sugary, fluffy goodness — see pan featured in this sketch). French toast with homemade rasberry sauce, fresh blueberries and hot maple syrup (syrup heated up in this cute little Lodge cast iron butter warmer as seen in sketch). Homemade pineapple, raspberry, grapefruit, lemon and lime juices. Falafel fried in a cast iron pot over a beach fire. Best-ever Reubens. My mom working her food magic — cooking over the 35 year old Coleman stove we used when my sister and I were kids. Oh, and don't forget your watercolors and sketchbook.