A pre-lunch treat

Even though it was lunchtime, I couldn't help stopping at Krispy Kreme with HM after she so patiently ran all my errands with me (and even sat on a stool next to me in the locker room with her apple slices while I did a quick half-blow dry and bang flattening). She loves doughnuts - always the sprinkled kinds. She will meticulously eat all the tiny sprinkles from off the bag or table. Always with the details. I managed to get most of the chubby zoo animal stickers from off the table and windowsill. I think she still has a few giraffes on her pant leg. She is sleeping soundly now after a full morning of playing with the kids while I ran on the treadmill, swimming together, a stop downtown and at Paper Zone — and finally home for leftover spaghetti with raw mushrooms and cucumber slices for dipping in Goddess dressing (her favorite).