Olympic Sculpture Park : Friday afternoon

Stopped in to see if M could have lunch with me. Busy until 2pm, so I got a snack to hold me over and walked down to Olympic Sculpture Park. I envisioned a little painting of the big orange-red sculpture (Alexander Calder's Eagle) set amid the blues and greens of its surroundings. I've given up for now carrying my paints around with me (yesterday the strap on my purse broke from too much stuff...even without my paints). I should carry around that new watercolor pad though to at least get the drawing down, then have the right surface to paint on once I am back at my studio. I painted this one with gouache in my studio — wishing I had done the drawing on watercolor paper. The sketch paper gets so wrinkled — not right for water. I kept debating if I should include a person in the foreground — for the contrast. In the end decided not too. Thought it would be too much the focus. Wanted the bright sculpture to remain the focus. Nice to get outside for this one. (I've always wanted to draw one of those giant barges!)