Lake Kachess camping

I will skip all the excuses I could make for not sketching for almost 2.5 months! Finally, a new one!

Went camping last week for four nights at Lake Kachess. HM's first camping adventure! It was a beautiful spot. A refreshingly cold lake to swim in. Not far from here. Despite a couple nights of rain and a lot of mosquitoes, it was a great time. Will definitely go there again...but next year with a 4 year old and a 9 month old baby boy (how will THAT work out?!)! Discovered that camping with a 3 year old is quite a bit different than when it was just me and M! No long hours of relaxing and reading by the campfire at night, much less time to sketch. HM and I did manage to get in a quick sketching/watercolor session before it started raining one day. I tried to teach HM how to mix colors — different hues and shades. Greens. Blues. How to make pink. I got the sketch done before HM woke up from her nap, but finished is just now with my Winsor & Newton travel watercolor set. The one I took to India almost 10 years ago! I haven't used it in so long — amazing to think that some of those dried up colors on the tray were mixed on the other side of the world in a different lifetime.

Hopefully I can get back into sketching again after too much time off.