Lucile & Airport Way S : blackberries + Ford 750 + Castrol

It was perfect! I had about an hour between dropping HM off at MK's place (last Thursday with her Auntie before her first day of preschool next week!) and getting to the Central Library for a West Coast Paper + Mohawk presentation (not to mention the delicious box lunch provided from Gourmondo — grilled vegetable panini, mixed greens and a powdered sugar-dusted, shallow, muffin-shaped brownie — the last of which I saved to have with my coffee back at the studio).

A couple weeks ago, walking past this scene with M, I mentioned that I wanted to sketch it — this scene...among others still on my "to sketch" list for Georgetown. There was a parking spot right in front. I stood against the car for about an hour for this one. I love the industrial, forgotten, fallen apart, rusty bright colors paired with with on-their-way-out blackberries (the blackberries were better a couple weeks ago). It has the same colors and quality as the stacked up containers I have been meaning to draw for so long — the ones at the Port, along W Marginal Way, Airport Way S, etc.

At first I was going to watercolor it when I got back to the studio. Instead I used colored pencil since I haven't used them in a while. Plus, it was quicker.

Hope to do more of Georgetown soon.

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