Birthday morning :: Greenbridge birds :: View from Dubsea Coffee

I was only going to sit down for a few minutes. My birthday treat to myself — do nothing for 15 minutes at Dubsea Coffee. Then I wanted to sketch something. I got a napkin and thin wood stir stick to draw on, then discovered a blank postcard back in my purse. Perfect size. I had no idea what I was going to draw, then I saw those dark repeating shapes up on the wires across the street. Perfect subject. I wanted the emphasis to be the birds. I hope I didn't ruin it with the bits of color in the foreground. I couldn't help getting some fall colors to contrast with the gray rainy sky.

Fall with Stumptown Coffee

I hadn't meant for this sketch to look just like the last one. Just trying to get back into it.
The only reasons for this one:

  • I love drawing and using white colored pencil on kraft paper.
  • I love Stumptown Coffee, especially when I buy it from Dubsea Coffee.
  • I love taking a break from the giant bag of cheaper Costco coffee.
  • It reminded me of drawing on a Stumptown bag in the car on the way to Bellingham. I bought some for my parents for a thank you gift on the way out of town. I didn't have a card, so I doodled all over the bag instead. I didn't document that one (and there was no color), but this gives the general idea.
  • Nice way to repurpose this used bag.
  • I would love to do more illustrations and design for food packaging.
  • I love orange.

Tea + chocolate with Sarah & Yancey

Just back from the art show at Dubsea Coffee (which was an awesome time — thank you!)...and here I am in my studio again with my Mama over my shoulder so she can get a print of this one!

Sketched this the other night at Sarah & Yancey's after all the kiddos went to bed — after a full day at the fair in Lynden. This tea and chocolate, and the company of Sarah & Yancey at their kitchen table, was the perfect way to end the day. I couldn't find a glue stick for the bits of black Sharpie-colored paper at the top and bottom, so I used some thread I found in Sarah's office.

Art opening at Dubsea Coffee! Saturday, August 20 :: 11am – 1pm

You are invited to an art opening!
Come see favorite sketches from this blog on display with framed pieces for sale!

Sketches {by Naomi Cox}
A collection from everyday life  ::  favorite Seattle spots, food, family and bright bits of nature

Family-friendly  ::  art supplies for kids to have fun creating their own drawings + paintings!

Saturday, August 20  ::  11am – 1pm
Dubsea Coffee  ::  9910 8th Ave SW  ::  Seattle
Event page on Facebook 

Art on display August 15 – September 14

Spread the word — hope to see you there!

Blue hydrangeas + orange cotton {part 1}

{above — painting by Hannah Mae Cox, age 5.5}

Finally, I'm back! It's been too long! Got some inspiration from the bright blue hydrangeas in the front yard and a bit of leftover purple bits from some flowers my sweet husband brought me a couple weeks ago after work (yes, there was still a little bunch I had saved that made it into a mini arrangement when I threw the lifeless ones out a week ago!)

Hannah Mae loves painting with me. It was her idea to add water to the soft pastels — she ended up sort of finger painting with soft pastels and water {see image above}. I had never thought of that — I couldn't help trying it out myself! Ended up using gouache, acrylic (only because my yellow and white gouache had dried up), pen and soft pastel — going over parts of the soft pastel with a wet brush.

More blue hydrangea and orange cotton to come — check back this week for another sketch!

Want to see this up close? Come check out my collection of sketches from this blog at Dubsea Coffee in White Center this month! Stay tuned for more details!